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Day 3 Years Old.


Thanks, everyone!

Day 55.



I brought me an the stupid scorpion thing out of the WOODS and to Bunnie's house. I was gonna head home but I kinda hurt in alotta places. An I dunno how much first aid I have at home, murrgHH. I didn't know that Carousel could be SO DANGEROUS. At least I didn't get attacked by like, a giant spider or somethin. Nah, that couldn't happen.

Bunnie was upset that I let myself get so scraped UP! I couldn't really help it though because the scorpion cornered me. SO NOW she made me undress and is putting bandages and iodine an stuff on me. It stings! I hate this kinda stuff!

Band-aids happenedCollapse )

I think I'm gonna take the next 2 days off from work. I'm sunburned AND have lots of bruises now, SO NO.

I don't really wanna to take a bath tonight.



Day 54.



It's felt like FOR-EVER or something since I last talked, but that doesn't make any sense. And I got some weird CALLS from solicitors and they kept callin me SIR. Why would they do that?! I'm not a BOY DUH. I'm a cute lil GIRL.

But forgetting alla' that I'm really in a big fix! There's a...thingy here! I dunno what exactly but it's pointy an scary an it's near my bag so I can't get to it, whuhhhh! I don't like this OH NO IT'S COMING CLOSER NOW!

Aaaaaaaah!Collapse )




Day April the First.



Bug HUNTING was successsful! Very much so! I'ma gonna take em' over to Nook's Cranny later today an see how much money I'll get, eeeee~ Hopefully it'll be alot since I could use it for food an stuffs.

I'm thinking of going out without my wig today tho! It gets so hot wearing it all the time, an I DO think the hairstyle is a lil' silly. But it's cute too! Even if it's a hassle. So is putting on makeup every day. My real hair's so short, I forget since I keep it hidden most of the time. I should just grow it out really. But it's fun being PRETTY, an no one here knows that I'm a boy yet, so's it's like a fun game.

ANYWAYS! I should get going, I've been staring at my monitor for like an hour or something!

I'll just wear the wig like usual.



Day 53.


Okay Ok!

Bug hunting is fun! BUT harder than I thought! I've been out in the woods for a few hours now. But I've caught a lotta stuff already! A lot of stuff got away from me too since I haven't gotten alla' that good at SNEAKING yet.

Lesse~ I caught an Evening Cicada,Fruit Beetle,Scarab Beetle!(Eee Lucky!),Lantern Fly, Pillbug (Ewwww) and an Elephant Beetle! I think that's great for a first try! I bottled and brought them back home for NOW since Nook's Cranny is closed right now. I'm out for one last lookaround to see if there's anything else I can catch before I quit for the night.

Not much happened, but here~Collapse )

It doesn't seem like there's too much going on right now tho...BUT I'LL KEEP LOOKING! For at least another 20 minutes or something.

I dunno why, but I'm getting a bad feeling all of a sudden.


Day 52.



We've been set up here for an hour or soooo an it's nice an cool outside today. I'm glad I decided to leave the house today AFTERALL. It would'a been really boring staying in, even if half the day would've been spent sleeping, nya-ha.

Beach stuff happened.Collapse )

Fun dayyyyy~ We're gonna go eat at my house, then I'm gonna give bug hunting a try later this evening. Rocco told me that Mr. Nook will buy insects for a good price last time I saw him. And I want to start making more money on the side, since I HAVE plans.

I think I got a little sunburned again.



Day 51.



I'm on my way to meet Vesta at the beach! It feels LIKE it took like 4 months to get ready like! That's imposssible tho'! I'm not that slow. While I was on my way I saw a tent near Town Hall. It's green and has a leafy symbol on it, kinda like Mr. Nooks. There's a guy I've never seen in town outside it too, he looks kinna suspicious...OH WAIT He has candy!

BRBCollapse )

So now I'm a lil' annoyed, but I'm gonna go play in the water soon so that'll make me feel better.

I don't like lectures.


Day 50.



I was at work until reaaaa~ll~yy late last night. I messed up some of my inventory so I couldn't leave until it was corrected. Mr. Nook is really strict ABOUT that sorta thing. He says "You don't dominate town commerce by making mistakes and not finishing the job." So I was lectured boooooooo.

SO! THEN! I decided to sleep in, or THAT was my intention before Vesta called me an woke me up. She wanted to know if I wanted to go to the beach today. I was thinking of not doing it but it sounds tempting so I decided to just wake up an GET ready an stuff.

Some stuff happened.Collapse )

I should really get ready before I'm late and Vesta gets upset at me, she's really strict about meeting times.

I'd be wearing my school uniform if I wasn't wearing a swimsuit!



Day 49.



Well! It turns out that Brewster does totally HAVE Cookies n' Creame, but I changed my mind and got cookie dough flavor instead hee! <3 The Roost has a much bigger dessert collection than I thought, they have all kinds of cakes an pies so I gotta try the Boston Creame next time.

I usually don't run into anyONE down here so it was kind of a surprise that I had company this time. I asked him if he lives here in Carousel and he kinda went into a long story about how he only visits places like this one but doesn't live in them or something. His name's Rover...which is a cute name! But it makes me confused about whether he's a kitty or a puppy. He was having tea!

Talking stuff happens.Collapse )

This has been a super great day so far!


Day 48.


Okay, OK!

SO! It took a WHILE but I made it too the museum! It's waaaaaaa~yy up on the Northeast side of town an I was waaaaaaaaaay! down in the Southern middle side of town, so that was a long trip! I did it though cuz I'm tough RAWR!

Stuff totally didn't happen...JUSTKIDDING stuff totally happens, hee hee!Collapse )

Blathers says he's going to add the Octopus, Squid, an Fishes I gave to him to the sealife area, an that it'll be ready in an hour or so. SO! SOOOOO! I'm gonna wait downstairs at The Roost and treat myself to some ice cream for all my hard work!

I hope they have Cookies n' Creame!